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Seeking Relief From Scar Tissue?

"I felt looser and less discomfort, with a wider range of motion. I was able to walk easier."

- Recent client testimonial from a scar tissue private session

Scar Tissue Release can help everyone reduce pain, restore sensitivity, and increase range of motion around scars. A scar doesn’t always come from surgery; it can also be plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, Dupuytren’s, or carpal tunnel. Scar tissue from appendix or c-sections will affect not only back pain but also how the organs underneath function.


Some of the results of Scar Tissue Release include:

  • Scars may even begin to blend better with increased blood flow and become less lumpy.

  • 70% of people worldwide report feeling better even after one session of MSTR®.

Why not see if Scar Tissue Release can help you. 

Click here to get started.


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