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Are You Ready to
Feel Better in Your Body?

No matter why you are here, we care about you and tailor every workout to bring strong and balanced movement into your life. 

Our clients range from those who feel off-center or are in significant pain to those who simply want to get more from their bodies. Regardless of goals and skill level, we start each new client with an initial consultation to discover the best strategies to meet your movement goals. Next, we plan a movement journey together.

Pilates trainer working with client.

For the strength seekers, we work hard and have fun doing it. We offer a balanced and holistic approach, focusing on core strength, functional movement, joint-friendly exercises, and a mind-body connection.

For those with chronic injuries or neurological issues, we’ll teach you new movement strategies to help you reset patterns that may be holding you back. We specialize in a mindful, adaptable, and rehabilitative approach to movement, strength, and overall well-being. 

CoreAlign trainer working with a client.


372 S. Main St.

Sharon, MA 02067




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