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Pilates trainer working with a client.

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 ​​“Deana taught me how to trust my body again and I’m forever grateful. I walked in to her studio one day feeling weak and in fairly constant neck and shoulder pain. Within one session I walked out feeling stronger and more aligned than I had in years. Deana taught me that each point of tension and pain can be a signal from our bodies of where to pay attention to and move from rather than be limited by. She taught me body awareness and strength building, which I didn’t know I was capable of. Years later, I am stronger, more aligned, and happier because of our work together. I highly recommend Deana and everyone at Rhythm and Flow Pilates.” 


“Deana’s classes are always changing and tailored to the skills and interests of her class.  She has a really wide range of equipment and even more ideas for new ways to use the reformer, chair, core align, ladder, and tower Pilates equipment, so you never get the same class twice, and you never stop learning new things! Her emphasis on proper technique has helped me build my strength, balance, and flexibility while having fun and being surprised by what Deana will come up with for our next session.”


“I  have been struggling with poor posture and lower back pain for many years due to several contributing factors, including scoliosis, which has worsened significantly in recent years. Some days, it is a challenge just to stand up at the end of the day! On some of those days, I had a private with Deana later in the day. She was able to immediately assess the situation and offer suggestions for exercises and positions that quickly released the tension and relieved the pain. She also demonstrated things I could do at home on my own to address these issues, which helped me to feel some control over the situation.”  


“With her keen observation, exceptional knowledge of body mechanics, and ability to know EXACTLY what you need, Deana has helped me halt the progression of my scoliosis. After a few sessions, I was able to stand and walk, when before, I was considering a walker and/or wheelchair. No drugs, no surgery, and only positive side effects. Deana is THE BEST!!!”


“I came to Rhythm and Flow after a major back surgery, looking to strengthen my core. Now almost a year later my pain levels are way down and my core is stronger than it has ever been. Pam and Deana are not only great teachers and coaches but also know how to adjust when needed. They take my feedback very seriously, and it feels like a partnership. My time here has been life-changing.”


"Deana has provided me with the motivation and the functional ability to remain active these 20 years. All of Deana's sessions- be they private or group- provide me with both mental and physical restoration. Pilates  has literally changed my life and my outlook on exercise and physical fitness and well being. I hope to be able to continue working with Deana for at least another 20 years  to keep my mind and body intact."


“For anyone looking to improve their golf game, mobility, agility, flexibility, and strength, I can't recommend you highly enough. I am sixty-one years old and hitting the golf ball further than I ever have. So exciting to see the hard work with you paying off!”  


“I was excited to become a client at Rhythm and Flow Pilates two years ago because of the great reputation of the studio. I have consistently been impressed with their knowledge of human anatomy and the variety of equipment and tools at the studio.  I highly recommend Rhythm and Flow Pilates studio for an amazing Pilates experience.”


“I started Pilates because I was feeling a lot of aches and pains in my body. My flexibility improved greatly. My breathing improved, too. I’m more conscious of how my body works. My overall well-being has improved so much from taking pilates classes.” 



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